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Hi! I'm a user, developer, and enthusiast. I'm from the but live in (sí hablo español). I joined to get away from privacy invading companies like Facebook and also to have more control over my own data. I'd love to find other friendly people with similar (or conflicting) interests to chat with!

Sometimes I get a bit frustrated with self-hosting and OSS and just go back to using Google services but then I see things like it going down for a few hours like it did a couple of days ago or hear a new perspective on the privacy concerns that come with using their products and services and I end up back on my self-hosted alternatives and using OSS. Anyone else do the same dance or did you do it in the past?

@trunk Please add me to Linux, FLOSS, Mastodon, Java, Android

Give a person a program and frustrate them for a day.

Teach a person to program and frustrate them for a lifetime.

Sometimes I feel like a sysadmin trapped in a dev's body

Just recently switched from a VPS "bare metal" setup to docker for Mastodon, and it seems like the memory usage is abnormally high given that I'm basically the only active user on my instance (over 1GB). Anyone got any tips for keeping memory usage down for Mastodon?

I use a simple server for personal projects so I figured I'd write a quick post about it here:

I'd love to get some tips on other people's self-hosted git servers too if you have any!

I learned a LOT of hard lessons about testing backups too. There were a lot of things that should have been a lot easier than they were for me. But I'm glad I did it, as it also gave me the chance to migrate over to using docker (which I highly recommend for setting up new instances, it was so much easier than setting everything up locally on the server)

I recently migrated my stuff over to hosting on Linode, and hadn't bothered to set up my Mastodon instance again as I was debating whether or not it was worth the effort. In the end I decided I want to support the cause though, so I'll make a more conscious effort to make this an experience worth keeping around for myself. Here's to giving the fediverse a second chance

So I've traded in my dual boot Windows/Linux machine for a MacBook Pro and now making that switch to is all the more tempting...

I'd like to find a privacy-respecting email provider that would allow me to set up multiple custom domain email addresses for cheap (as in, multiple domains with multiple accounts on each). Bonus points for solutions built on OSS. I'm mostly planning on using the email addresses as send-only mailboxes for notifications from my websites but I'd also like to have a few accounts with aliases for receiving email there as well. Any suggestions from the fediverse?

Being a tourist with @Paola

Te amo y me encanta viajar contigo mi guapa 😘

Since I don't have a yard to be able to buy a barbeque, I had to find a compromise to keep grilling in the meantime 🍖


I was super stoked to get an invite to Linux on DeX until I read this, on my Note 8 😒 I'm very seriously considering going back to , where at least buying a $1,000 phone gets you all the latest and greatest features for more than a year

Can anyone recommend a code editor for the Android platform? Prefer something on @fdroidorg if possible.

The verified link from my personal site doesn't seem to be working for some reason. Is there some kind of caching done on that I would need to wait for?

Update finished, time to check out that verified domain feature now.

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