I'd like to find a privacy-respecting email provider that would allow me to set up multiple custom domain email addresses for cheap (as in, multiple domains with multiple accounts on each). Bonus points for solutions built on OSS. I'm mostly planning on using the email addresses as send-only mailboxes for notifications from my websites but I'd also like to have a few accounts with aliases for receiving email there as well. Any suggestions from the fediverse?

@wbrawner my usual suggestion is fastmail. when

@sir I think your message got cut off there about I've been looking at fastmail but I'm looking at $15 a month for just the bare minimum (3 domains) assuming I heavily rely on aliases. It looks like Zoho offers similar features for only $1 a month, but I'm not sure what their reputation is like among FOSS people

@wbrawner "x when" is a meme asking when some event x is going to happen

@sir Well I've apparently lost touch with the internet :P memes are hard

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