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I really hate web apps in general, but I do like the idea of keeping them sandboxed in their own little environment, so maybe once they get a bit better, I can give this another shot even without making any lifestyle changes, and then do any real computing with native apps on my FOSS phone. It seems as if we're moving towards a cloud-first future anyways, so that reality probably isn't too far off.

While I'd very much like to get away from the proprietary crap, I don't think going cold-turkey is going to work for me. I probably need to make a few lifestyle changes first, like buying a car so I don't need Uber, and getting into a habit of paying with cash so I don't need to constantly check my banking accounts, but I'll need a little time to make the transition. I think the pragmatist in me is going to win out for now.

I just had to use Uber's web app and dear god it's such a piece of shit. I also have to use the mobile web app versions of my banking apps, which is challenging to say the least, and I do really miss the quality of the photos from the stock Pixel camera. I didn't think I used my phone all that much but I'm finding that I use it for a surprising amount of my day-to-day activities and unfortunately rely on a lot of proprietary software.

I'm only on day 2 of using and this is turning out to be a bit harder than I thought. I love the idea that I can install apps directly from FDroid, and that pretty much nothing on my phone is spying on me anymore. I can't really confirm it but I think my battery is lasting a tad bit longer too. Makes sense since none of the Google stuff is running in the background. Unfortunately that's about all the good things I have to say about it.

@one creo que haces bien. Desgraciadamente así es usar el internet hoy en día

@one mínimo te piden permiso :P Estoy seguro de que en Estados Unidos ya lo hacen y aparte lo esconden

I've been using Linux for like 4 years now and just discovered /usr/share/doc. This is going to dramatically reduce my usage of DDG

If anyone else wants to do this, it should go without saying but RTFM before you do this. I nearly bricked my device and had a bit of a panic to figure out how to flash the custom key to be able to boot into the OS. Definitely make sure you take your time and heed the warnings.

So, I've been going back and forth on whether or not to install on my Pixel 3, and finally decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot. I love how it makes compiling AOSP so easy (dare I say it's even rather fast at just under 6 hours) and adds on niceties like @fdroidorg privileged extension out of the box. I'm not happy with the camera but maybe this can be my excuse to go buy a DSLR and learn real photography.

@kev I've got a home server setup as well. I'm using an old Thinkpad for it and I run Nextcloud, Jenkins, and a git server. The advantage of the Thinkpad is it doesn't take up a ton of space and the screen is attached so I didn't have to spend any extra for it. I got it for $150 on eBay and it's got 8GB of RAM, a 256GB HDD, and an old Intel i3. Since it's mostly running background tasks, performance isn't a huge deal, but I'm sure just moving to an SSD would work wonders.

@tobym Possibly. I live in Mexico and have no heating or AC at home so I couldn't tell you :P

@tobym I use a mesh chair with wheels. I can't stand feeling even slightly sweaty/sticky so I won't go near any sort of cloth or leather chair.

@ubuntumate Ah, I see, thanks. Then just making them customizable would be great :) They don't show up in the Keyboard Shortcuts editor so I didn't think they were available

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