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Finally got around to configuring my automated backups, so now it's time for the update!

I've been procrastinating setting up my automated backups for my instance but with v2.6.0 just being released, I suppose I'll have to make it a priority this weekend in order to upgrade with peace of mind 😕

With moving off of public social media, I'm probably going to dedicate more time to actual and not just microblogging. I'm thinking I'll split my professional and personal blog off into two different ones though for people who are interested in different topics. I know I'd feel awkward following someone else's blog if they had personal posts and I didn't know them on a personal al level. Likewise my family probably doesn't care about memory leaks in WebViews :P

The deed is done. Just finished pulling the plug on my Facebook, twitter, and Instagram accounts. No more data-mining social media accounts for me!

I flopped onto my bed while my cat was sleeping on it and she made this face towards me

I'm totally blown away by my Galaxy Watch. I can basically forget about battery life because it's so good. Now if only the same could be said about phones...

Hi! I'm a user, developer, and enthusiast. I'm from the but live in (sí hablo español). I joined to get away from privacy invading companies like Facebook and also to have more control over my own data. I'd love to find other friendly people with similar (or conflicting) interests to chat with!

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